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Boogie-Woogie Festival in Chur

Zeitungsartikel für das Boogie-Woogie Festival in Chur
Newspaper article – 3rd International Boogie Nights Chur

On March 10, 2023, Chur's GKB Auditorium will once again become a hotspot for all Boogie-Woogie fans. The International Boogie Nights by Chris Conz stop in Chur and present a top line-up with stars of the scene from home and abroad.

Chris Conz, himself a gifted and highly decorated boogie-woogie pianist, initiated the event in 2011. The event is now sold out within a few days. There is now also an International Boogie Night by Chris Conz in Chur's GKB Auditorium, where Conz is already presenting some of the scene's most sought-after acts.

This year Christoph Steinbach, Joachim Palden, Dave Ruosch and young talent Ennio Hess will delight the audience. The great entertainer Christoph Steinbach from Kitzbühel will inspire with his wild performance. Born in Vienna, Joachim Palden is considered one of the best pianists in Europe when it comes to blues and boogie-woogie. Dave Ruosch from Zurich is a master on the piano and one of the most versatile artists in this genre. The only 16-year-old Ennio Hess is an up-and-coming talent and will delight the audience with his boogie piano.

The five key acrobats are accompanied by an extended rhythm section. Mr. Blues, Duke Seidmann on the saxophone and with his Louis Armstrong voice, Joe Schwach, the guitarist and singer, Mario Von Holten on the drums and Arno Schulz on the double bass provide the groove behind the pianists.

Fans of nimble boogie-woogie pianists will get their money's worth, as will friends of blues and jazz music. A top-class music program, funny presentations and great shows make the International Boogie Nights by Chris Conz an experience that will be remembered.

The International Boogie Night Chur is a cooperation between Shake & Roll: Event Agency and Conz Production GmbH. Chris Conz, who is initiator, anchorman and pianist at the same time, Gian and Renato Monsch, who personally know almost every blues great worldwide, work together to organize an unforgettable evening for all guests.

Be there and experience an unforgettable night of boogie-woogie!

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