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Portrait von Axel Zwingenberger, renommierter Boogie-Woogie- und Blues-Pianist, bekannt für seine einzigartige Virtuosität und Auftritte bei den International Boogie Nights.

Axel Zwingenberger – DE

Axel Zwingenberger, a master of Blues & Boogie Woogie piano, combines the influences of American idols with his own ideas in his music. Known for his unique style, he has become a role model for many pianists. His play is characterized by powerful, emotional sounds that enchant piano lovers worldwide. Zwingenberger's passion lies in solo piano playing, preferably on an unamplified grand piano, where he captivates his audience with pure music. Each of his performances offers an unforgettable experience, where rhythm and music inspire the audience to participate. In the Boogie Woogie world, he is considered a kind of rock star.

was present in the following shows:






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