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2011 – Uster

In 2011, a new chapter was opened in the Boogie-Woogie and Blues music scene in Switzerland. The International Boogie Nights Uster celebrated its premiere in the Wagerenhofsaal in front of an audience of 280 enthusiastic guests. The audience was thrilled by an impressive line-up of top-notch musicians such as the Swiss Boogie pianist Silvan Zingg and the virtuoso pianist Christoph Steinbach. The unique atmosphere of the Wagerenhofsaal and the musicians' passion made for an unforgettable night and laid the foundation for a festival that would continue to grow in the following years and capture the hearts of music lovers from all over the world.

Grande Finale mit Chris Conz, Solly Solomon, Silvan Zingg, Christoph Steinbach, Nuno Alexandre und Mario Von Holten


  • Christoph Steinbach (A)

  • Silvan Zingg (CH)

  • Hamp Goes Wild (CH)

  • Piano Brothers (CH)

  • Chris Conz (CH)

  • Mario Von Holten (USA/CH)

  • Nuno Alexandre (P)

  • Solly Solomon (UK/CH)

Venue: Wagerenhofsaal Uster

Guests: 280

Photos: Erwin Sigrist


Flyer der 1st International Boogie Night Uster
Chris Conz mit Solly Solomon am Saxophon
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